The Roof

Join hundreds of other people in a socially-distanced party on the top of Eastgate Car Park, right in the middle of Gloucester City Centre.

Eastgate car park rooftop (empty)A crowd in front of a car park stage at sunset.

Access is via Eastgate Shopping Centre. Head through the building and use the stairs or lift to get to the roof.


To enable social-distancing, we’re going to divide the Roof into ‘pods’: 2.5m² spaces, all 2m apart from each other. Each pod can be booked by a group of up to 6 people. You can dance in your pod, and any drinks you order will be brought to you – so you can party safely!


You’ll be able to get everything you need on-site. The Outdoor Inn will be running a bar on the roof – any drinks you order will be brought to you. You can also grab food from one of the cafes and bakeries inside the shopping centre.

Toilets are available in Eastgate Shopping Centre (don’t worry, your ticket lets you leave and return to the roof as many times as you like).